Những bức ảnh chụp bằng iphone đoạt giải năm 2014

Iphone thì sao? Ảnh đẹp đâu nhất thiết phải là thiết bị xịn hĩ hĩ

Source: ippawards.com (h/t: mymodernmet)

MICHAEL ONEAL, San Francisco, CA United States, 1st Place – Animals

MELISA BARILLI, York, Ontario, Canada, 3rd Place – Children

JULIO LUCAS, Bradenton, FL United States, 1st Place – 2014 Photographer of the Year

JOSE LUIS BARCIA FERNANDEZ, Madrid, Spain, 2nd Place – 2014 Photographer of the Year

MIHAI COLIBAN, Bucharest, Romania, 3rd Place – Lifestyle

NAOMI WU, New Taipei City, Taiwan, 2nd Place – Animals

YILANG PENG, Madison, WI United States, 1st Place – Architecture

JUANA CHAVES, Madrid, Spain, 2nd Place – News/Events

TEDDY COHEN, Tel Aviv, Israel, 3rd Place – Animals

MARIKO KLUG, Erding, Germany, 3rd Place – Trees

MONICA GANTER, Glenside, PA United States, 3rd Place – Flowers

ELENA GRIMAILO, Moscow, Russia, 1st Place – Landscape

ADRIENNE PITTS, London, United Kingdom, 1st Place – Travel

DRAGOS BARDAC, Bucharest, Romania, 2nd Place – Seasons

JILL MISSNER Ridgefield, CT United States, 3rd Place – 2014 Photographer of the Year

EDWARD ADAMS, Pebworth, Warwickshire United Kingdom, 3rd Place – Sunset

COCU LIU, Chicago, IL United States. 1st Place – Seasons

BRANDON KIDWELL, Jacksonville, FL United States, 1st Place – Lifestyle

COCU LIU, Chicago – IL United States, 2nd Place – Trees

ALEXA SEIDL, Washington, DC United States, 1st Place – Food

LAUREN SMITH, Pensacola, FL United States, 1st Place – People

AARON PIKE, San Francisco, CA United States, 1st place – Trees

JORDAN FRASER, Belfast, Ireland, 2nd Place – Travel

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